A Canteen Full of Art – ‘Shamat’ Album Launch in London

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On June 30th, as I made my way to the microphone on the beautiful stage at Rich Mix, for the very first time I thought “this is not real! this is not happening! I’m actually performing a set of my songs at a beautiful venue in London, with amazing musicians”. None of it felt real, not the warm and amazing audience, not the incredible sound on stage (which happens so rarely!) not the smiling faces all over the place, not the album that had my name and face on it waiting on a table in the back of that room.

Photo credit: Mohammed Jabaly

For the first time in a very long time, I almost cried with excitement and sincere emotions, when I opened my mouth to sing. Perhaps because this scenario and this perfect picture was always the one I dreamt of ever since I made the decision to be a performer. Arts Canteen made this happen, Aser El Saqqa helped make this dream come true, and I can’t thank him enough for this. cheers for believing in artists who are working hard, for giving people a chance to prove themselves, for giving a stage to those voices that have something to say and want to be heard. Your contribution to art, in all its forms, is appreciated!

Much love and respect,

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